Summary of Changes in version 4.10 [unreleased!]

A full summary of commits between 4.9 and 4.10 is on github

junit-dep has correct contents

junit-dep-4.9.jar incorrectly contained hamcrest classes, which could lead to version conflicts in projects that depend on hamcrest directly. This is fixed in 4.10 [@dsaff, closing gh-309]


The RuleChain rule allows ordering of TestRules:

public static class UseRuleChain {
    public TestRule chain= RuleChain
                           .outerRule(new LoggingRule("outer rule")
                           .around(new LoggingRule("middle rule")
                           .around(new LoggingRule("inner rule");

    public void example() {

writes the log

starting outer rule
starting middle rule
starting inner rule
finished inner rule
finished middle rule
finished outer rule



The Theories runner does not anticipate theory parameters that have generic types, as reported by github#64. Fixing this won't happen until Theories is moved to junit-contrib. In anticipation of this, 4.9.1 adds some of the necessary machinery to the runner classes, and deprecates a method that only the Theories runner uses, FrameworkMethod#producesType(). The Common Public License that JUnit is released under is now included in the source repository.

Thanks to @pholser for identifying a potential resolution for github#64 and initiating work on it.

Bug fixes

Minor changes